Computer Journals

BYTE Magazine
Computer Currents Interactive
Inter@ctive Week Online
JavaWorld - IDG's magazine for the Java community - December 1997
MacWEEK Online
Macworld Online
PC Computing
PC Magazine Online
PC Today Home Page
PC Week Online
Search ZDNet-computer journals
TechWeb: search CMP publications
W3J: World Wide Web Journal
Web Week
Windows Magazine
Windows NT Magazine
Windows Sources
ZiffDavis Net

Guides to computing topics

Computer Information Centre (CompInfo)
ComputingSite - The Knowledge Search Engine

Hardware Buying

Chip Merchant Price Sheet
Digital Cameras: PC Magazine reviews
Micron Electronics
PC Catalog's Buyers' Directory LaunchPad
PC-MacConnection Online SuperStore
Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine
ZDNet Product Awards


20th Anniversary Macintosh: MacUser 2/97
20th Anniversary Macintosh: MacWorld 3/97
8/6/97 - Apple Announces New Board, Microsoft Alliance
Apple Computer
Graphic Converter
Info-Mac Home Page
Info-Mac HyperDigests
Mac Advocacy & Info Page
Mac Orchard - ALEMIA
Mac Tools - Utilities
Mac Translators and Filters
MacCentral Home Page
MacFixIt (Home Page)
Macintosh Evolution
Macintosh Internet Software
MacUser's Web Guide
NIC - comp.sys.mac.*
Orange Micro, Inc.-DOS cards for Macs
Power Macintosh Resource Page
PowerMac Line
POWERtools Computer Systems
Secure Your Mac
StuffIt Expander
TidBITS Issues
UltraFind for Macintosh - File & Text Search Software
User Group Store:Where Members Shop
Well Connected Mac

Microsoft Windows 95 & NT

Bardon Data Systems - Windows 95 Security software
Microsoft Corporation Home Page
Microsoft Windows links from Yahoo
Software archive
Stroud's CWSApps: best Internet software for Windows
Win95 Shareware/Freeware from ZiffDavis
Windows 95 screen saver- PhotoOp
Windows 95 Software Library
Windows 95-- 2001 Tips & Tricks
WindowsCentral: massive resources


HP Handheld Home Page
Newton links from Yahoo
PalmPilotGear H.Q.
PDApage - Home page
PDAs: links from Yahoo
Psion: links from Yahoo
Windows CE

Privacy & Security

AntiVirus Center, Antivirus Solutions, Antivirus News
CNET features - digital life - privacy in the digital age
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Computers, Freedom and Privacy
Concept: Understanding the Virus and Its Impact
Cookies-Simson Garfinkel
Cookies-Webmonkey - Geek Talk
e.News: German Hackers Show Off Quicken Cracking Software 02/12/97
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Hackers Go on TV to Show Perils in ActiveX (NY Times article)
Internet Privacy Coalition
Law, Privacy, and Technology
New Hacker's Dictionary - Table of Contents
Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. Home Page
Privacy and Anonymity
Privacy FAQs
Privacy Page: Andre Bacard
VeriSign Digital ID Center

Software Downloads

Dave Central Software Archive
File Mine -- Dig Our Downloads
Filez - Search 75M files and 1000s of servers for freeware, shareware, & commercial software
Nerd's Heaven: The Software Directory Directory
ZDNet Software Library - Top Rated Shareware

Training Courses

CompUSA: Training
interactive factory - workshops
New Horizons Computer Learning Center


Information about X
Linux and X-Windows on Notebook Computers
Linux International
Linux Laptop Home Page
Linux links from Yahoo
Solaris links from Yahoo
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Unix links from Yahoo
X Consortium

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