Demographics & Statistics

American Internet User Survey
ATG: Internet Demographics
Babel -- Internationalization of the Internet
CyberAtlas: Internet Demographics
GVU Center's WWW User Survey Home Page
GVU's 8th WWW Survey Results
Internet Domain Survey
Internet Index Home Page
Internet Statistics (by Language)
NUA Internet Surveys: Latest Surveys
Web Languages Survey
Yahoo! - Internet:Statistics and Demographics

Internet for Beginners

Common Internet File Formats
Computing Dictionary
End User's Corner: monthly articles
Excite Tours : New to the Net?
General Eudora FAQ
InterNIC 15 Minute Series
Roadmap '96: online course
Search Guide: How to Choose and Use Top Search Engines and Directories; Searching Syntax Hints and Tips for Newbies
Search Helper: The Net Newbie's Search Page with Links and Help for Effective Searching
World Wide Web FAQ

Internet History

BBN Internet Timeline
Brief History of the Internet-Jim Harris
Brief History of the Internet-Vinton Cerf, et al.
Hobbes' Internet Timeline
Short History of the Internet-Bruce Sterling
TCMN: Historic Timeline - 1970: ARPANET
What is the history of the Internet? - 15 Minute Series

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