Trends & Technologies

Collaborative filtering

Collaborative Filtering: GroupLens Home Page


Digital Watermarks -

Digital ink

WIRED 5 05: Digital Ink

DVD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
DVD-ROM - PC Webopaedia Definition and Links

HDML: handheld device markup language

Unwired Planet - HDML

Hotels - net access

Internet access in hotel rooms

Innovative document storage architectures

Lifestreams Project Home Page

Innovative web applications

1996 finalists: NII web sites
Next Generation Finalists: web sites of the future
Web for the blind and visually impaired

Internet radio

Imagine Radio

Webnoize Report (Digitally) Delivering The Goods


Index to Multimedia Information Sources
Welcome to the MPEG Audio Layer 3 Directory!
Wired article on generative music

Set top boxes/ webtv

Home servers coming in 1998
IntelaSync: pause button for live tv shows
Sidestepping the Net: web pages via tv signal
Sony ships WebTV Plus too

Smart cards

Java Card: Internet Computing on a Smart Card
What is a Smart Card?

Smart technologies: neural networks, fuzzy logic, VR

EE Times - Smart Technologies
EET's Smart Tech SIG Demos
Smart Home in the 1990s

Software agents

3 Types of Intelligent Agents, Their Uses,and Their Future
BotSpot (tm) : The Spot for all Bots & Intelligent Agents
IC Interview: Pattie Maes on Software Agents
Intelligent Software Agents by Sverker Janson
UMBC Agent Web

Unified messaging: email phones, etc.

Octel Unified Messenger
The Marriage of Computers & Telephones - Windows NT Magazine
Web enabled phone service
Your email is ringins: email phones

Wearable computing

International Symposium on Wearable Computers
LCD display in eyeglasses
PANS: personal area networks
Wired article on wearable computing

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